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It’s 2023 and I’m living in one of the most expensive places in the country and I just quit my full-time job. Someone tells me that I should have a year’s worth of savings before making a move like that. They’re probably right. But they are not me.

Over 7 years ago, I started my career with freelance video production and editing, then worked 4 years as a full-time video producer for companies, and then spent the next 2 years as a full-time accounts manager and business developer in SaaS. Life is good when you’re getting a paycheck. Why risk it?

Simple – because businesses need more qualified leads, they need to increase their influence and awareness, and they need to better position their product, service, and brand. Where there is a problem space there is a solution that can serve that need. 

I have spent my career as a content creator and business developer and if I have learned one thing is that content is king and volume is queen. If you want to scale your business then having a content creation partnership should be a key part of your strategy. Today is the day to make it happen. 

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