To talk the talk, you have the walk the walk. We started from the ground up to reshape the Modal Soul Creative brand. Here’s how we began.

We needed a complete design overhaul. That meant that first, we needed a cohesive and contemporary color palette and style. A brand that is consistent is brand that clearly communicates itself with personality. We wanted our brand to communicate: “we are a creative agency built for the NOW”. Secondly, we needed a new website. The website had to fit the brand and look great, it had to be responsive across devices, and it had to be easily navigatable. Our ultimate goal with a website is to give visitors a place to easily interface with our team and provide them with information and selling points.

The best way to approach a major brand and strategic update is to work from the inside out. What we mean is that we begin by first identifying what the business does, their business goals, and what inspires them. Then, we visualize, design, and mine brand opportunity.

In Modal Soul Creative, our brand integrity begins with our name. Modal. Soul. Creative. Modal refers to structure, methodology, and stability. Soul is the essential element that is at the core of something. Creative is fluid, adaptive, and mobile. Our designers took these values to heart and “Reshape Your Brand” was born. The abstract, ideas in the Ether, the stuff of dreams perhaps, is represented by vibrant metallic fluid structures that are skillfully and methodically shaped into something tangible and understandable: a brand, a video, a website…the form is interchangeable but it’s all made from the same matter.

Modal. Soul. Creative.